The history of Quargentan S.p.A.started in the small town of Terrossa di Roncà (Verona). The company was born as a winery in one of the most typical wine areas in Italy, were Soave wine is produced. Quargentan was the first private company to introduce the new wine box packing system with multi-layer material (brik) in Italy. Thanks to its long experience with this technology, the company later expanded its activity to include the production of fruit juices, tomato passata and vegetable drinks. The strength of Quargentan is the ability to process the most part of its products directly from the grapes, fruits, tomatoes and soy.

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Quargentan S.p.A.- Terrossa di Roncà (Verona) - ITALY

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Quargentan S.p.A.

Via Valle,1 - 37030 Terrossa di Roncà

(Verona) - Italy




P.IVA (VAT) IT00421700238

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