Process rationalization and the use of the newest technology have always been the aims of the companys philosophy.

The search for the best quality together with the standing reduction of unnecessary costs, the use of a cross-check system for each production step (HACCP) and the certified Quality System (ISO9001:2000, ISOI4000, IFS e BRC) are the highlights of a company which is still run by the founding family.

Its dynamic and flexible organization can satisfy any wishes of the customer with a wide range of sizes, packagings and products for a service which is more and more required by the modern distribution.

quargentan laboratorio

Laboratory - San Bonifacio (Verona) ITALY

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Quargentan S.p.A.

Via Valle,1 - 37030 Terrossa di Roncà

(Verona) - Italy




P.IVA (VAT) IT00421700238

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