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  • Unique production facility in Europe

    The history of Quargentan S.p.A.started in the small town of Terrossa di Roncà (Verona). The company was born as a winery in one of the most typical wine areas in Italy, were Soave wine is produced. Quargentan was the first private company to introduce the new wine box packing system with multi-layer material (brik) in Italy. Thanks to its long experience with this technology, the company later expanded its activity to include the production of fruit juices, tomato passata and vegetable drinks. The strength of Quargentan is the ability to process the most part of its products directly from the grapes, fruits, tomatoes and soy.
  • Over 40 Years of Experience

    QuargentanS.p.A. was established in the 70’s as a winery and the production of wines in brik packaging had been its core business for about twenty years. The 90’s were a major tuning point because, thanks to the building of a new production site, the company was able to expandits assortment by introducing a selection of fruit juices. With the new millennium, Quargentan included the production of tomato passata directly from Italian tomatoes. The latest products to be successfully introduced are a range of vegetable drinks, based on soy, rice, oat and almond.
  • Tetra-Pak

    The most attractive and complete carton packaging range for consuming fresh and ambient products.
    All our packages offer consumer convenience, easy opening, optimal shelf life - and the ability to give your brand maximum exposure.
    They protect flavours, protect brands and protect the environment.
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  • Research and Quality

    Process rationalization and the use of the newest technology have always been the aims of the companys philosophy. The search for the best quality together with the standing reduction of unnecessary costs, the use of a cross-check system for each production step (HACCP) and the certified Quality System (UNI-EN-ISO9001/ 14000, IFS and BRC) are the highlights of a company which is still run by the founding family. Its dynamic and flexible organization can satisfy any wishes of the customer with a wide range of sizes, packagings and products for a service which is more and more required by the modern distribution.
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Quargentan S.p.A.

Via Valle,1 - 37030 Terrossa di Roncà

(Verona) - Italy




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